Jost Hochuli
Jost Hochuli is a Swiss typographer and graphic designer. After study at the Kunstgewerbeschule St.Gallen, he trained as a compositor with the printer Zollikofer and at the Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich; his education was completed in 1958–9 in Adrian Frutiger’s class at the Ecole Estienne. Since then he has practised as a freelance graphic designer, eventually specializing in book design. In 1979 he co-founded the co-operatively run publishing company VGS Verlagsgemeinschaft St.Gallen, for which much of his book design work has been done. He has taught at the schools at Zurich and then St.Gallen since 1967. As writer and editor, his books include Das Detail in der Typografie (1987, revised edition 2005; an English-language edition, Detail in typography is forthcoming), Bücher machen (1989), Buchgestaltung in der Schweiz (1993), Designing books: practice and theory (1996), _Jost Hochuli: Drucksachen, vor allem Bücher_ (2002). He has edited and designed the annually published ‘Typotron’ series of booklets (1983–98) and the Edition ‘Ostschweiz’ (from 2000).

Roland Stieger
Born and raised in Kobelwald. Apprenticeship as a typesetter at the daily newspaper of Rheintal, Altstätten. Further education as a dipl. typographic designer, CAS Type Design at the ZHDK.

Jonas Niedermann
Born and raised in St.Gallen. Dipl. Designer FH in visual communication, ZHDK Zurich. Further education in Type design, ZHDK Zurich.